Terms & conditions



Right now we’re delivering to countries within the European Union.


Delivery times depend on where you are but you can usually depend on seeing your items in 3 to 5 workdays from the time you place your order if the items are shown as in-stock. If VANBOB cannot fulfill your order or if certain products from your order are not available until a later date, then you will be informed about your estimated delivery date.


You will be charged applicable Value Added Tax (VAT). All the prices are net prices and include your local countries or the Swedish VAT, whichever is applicable. We will process your payment immediately when you insert your payment details in the purchase payment page.


Shipping and deliveries of orders will usually be made in cooperation with delivery companies. See our checkout page for your total cost for shipping. VANBOB is allowed to process the shipping with another option than stated on the checkout page as long as the estimated delivery time is the same.


You may cancel your purchase within 14 calendar days after receiving your purchase confirmation email or the actual product.

To do so, please contact us by email at info@vanbob.com and send it back within 14 calendar days.
Unless mandated otherwise by consumer law, you will be responsible for all the returning costs.

If you use the right of cancellation, VANBOB retains the right to claim compensation for any damages of the product that do not result from regular testing of the product’s features and functionality. This compensation will be deducted from the refund.


Warranties vary with each product are in general the responsible of the manufacturer, and are usually described on a warranty card that you can find included in the original packaging.


We carefully check all the items in our shop, but if we have missed something and you receive faulty or damaged items, don’t hesitate to send us an email at: info@vanbob.com


Please check your items carefully and immediately after receiving them to make sure they haven’t been damaged in transit. If they have, please contact us immediately by email at info@vanbob.com


Products shown as in-stock in the store are available for purchase and will be delivered according to our stated delivery times. These products may be stored at our own or our partners warehouse.


VANBOB has the right to cancel any order if we suspect you to be a reseller or if we suspect fraud.


VANBOB has the right to modify or withdraw any offer at any time.


Rental bookings are made per night. Your rental booking is valid when you have received your confirmation email. A booked tent is available for pick up on the first selected date and the return will be made the last chosen date during our regular pickup & return hours (displayed under Rental information).

§ 1 As a hirer you are responsible for all products that are picked up or rented.

§ 2 If a product is damaged or lost during the rental period, you will be charged the reparation cost or the full sell price of the item.

§ 3 The hirer is not allowed to lend, sell, pledge, rent or transfer the products without permissions from VANBOB.

§ 4 The rental is payed at the time of booking online or with swish at pick up.

§ 5 VANBOB is responsible to have products in properly working conditions. If a product is damaged, inform us with an email immediately at info@vanbob.com

§ 6 The products are not insured by VANBOB or Ouctive AB. Therefore the hirer is responsible to have an insurance.

§ 7 A valid identification (driving license/passport) & deposit of 1500 SEK is required to rent. This can be paid with Swish at pick up or with bank transaction 3 days before the pick up. When the rented items are dropped off without any damage the deposit will be paid by bank transaction to your bankaccount within 5 workdays after the rental period.

§ 8 The hirer is responsible to use the rented products accordingly.

§ 9 The hirer is responsible for any damage and injuries that may occur during the pickup, return & rental period.

§ 10 When a rental booking is made, the rental price for all of the booked items is nonrefundable if the cancellation is made after 14 days from the time of booking or if the rental will take place before.

§ 11 When a booked item is returned later then the stated return time a fee of 1000 SEK will be charged for each day every item is late.


VANBOB is a service provided by Ouctive AB, 559260-9126, Rättarbodavägen 6, 197 91 Bro, Sweden.