RENTAL 2-3 Person Roof Top Tent Stockholm

From 99,00 per night

From 495 SEK/NIGHT

2-3 Person Roof Top Tent Rental


From 495 SEK/NIGHT

2-3 Person Roof Top Tent Rental

This tent will be one of our 140cm wide models.

This rental Roof Top Tent will be mounted on the roof bars on your car, make sure you have the correct type of roof bars. The roof bars should have a flat surface against the roof top tent. Therefore (Send us a message if you’re unsure)

We will help you with the mounting of the roof top tent.

The Roof Top Tent has a mattress. You need a sheet for the mattress and we recommend you to have a sleeping bag or a  blanket & pillow to get a good night’s sleep.

We do offer sheets for the mattress for an additional fee.

Rental Location: Skarprättarvägen 30, 176 77 Järfälla (Stockholm)

If you enjoyed your camping experience and would like to buy a roof top tent you will get a discount on the rental price you paid (up to 7 nights). The discount can be used to buy a new tent and is valid for 7 days from the return date.

Your booking is valid when we have confirmed your booking request.




  • Check-in time 17:00
  • Check-out time 16:00


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