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Quad Awning from DTBD Outdoor

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Quad Awning from DTBD Outdoor

This awning is very easy to setup, it has all poles mounted to the awning and no separate telescopic poles.

It creates a quick and easy awning to create shade or a shelter for rain.

The awning is very easy to mount on your roof rack or roof bars.

The awning is in a cassette that can be closed with a zipper.  To set it up; unzip the zipper; take the two Velcro straps loose; take the awning; roll off the awning and put down its telescopic legs. Then connect the front bar of the awning with two telescopic poles to the cassette and put tension on the awning by erecting the telescopic poles.

The Quad awning 250×200 can be mounted on each vehicle that can be equipped with a roof rack or roof bars. Direct mounting on campervan, caravan or mobile home is also possible.

When mounted on a roof rack or roof bars there is no need for extra mounting profiles the mounting set with the awning is suitable for direct mounting on every roof rack or roof bar.

The Quad Awning comes in two sizes 200×250 or 250×200.


The Quad Awning 250×200 or 200×250 can be extended with:

  • Side wall 200×200
  • Complete tent with ground floor mesh doors and mesh/PVC windows and blindings.