DTBD Chuckbox Camping Kitchen

Complete Camping kitchen box from DTBD Outdoor

Available in 3 sizes


Camping kitchen in a box

When you go camping with your rooftop tent or campervan, you probably wonder what the best way to cook outside is. Dare to be Different has designed a complete camping kitchen in one box: the chuckbox.

In no time, you will create the most ideal outdoor kitchen for up to four people. In the chuckbox, you will find everything you need to cook and enjoy your meal. There is cutlery, but also pans and spice jars and even two gas burners.

You can choose between three sizes:

Chuckbox S

The chuckbox small has two burners that are fixated in the chuckbox. Advantage is that they are stable, especially with a somewhat heavier pan. The spacious worktop has a height of up to 60cm. If you prefer larger pans or an integrated table with a height of 68cm like the normal camping tables, choose the Dare To Be Different large chuckbox.

With a compact size of 44cm x 30cm x 33cm (lxwxh), this is a compact chuckbox. With a handle on the top and the weight of only 12 kg, the chuckbox can be carried perfectly.


  • 2 Burners
  • 1 windscreen
  • 2 pans (19.3cm and 15.2cm)
  • Frying pan 19,7cm
  • Kettle 800 ml
  • Kitchen knife
  • Fruit knife
  • Pealer
  • Cutting board
  • Meat clamp
  • Wooden spade
  • Seasoning pots liquid 2
  • Seasoning pots powder 2
  • Multifunctional scissor
  • 4 plates
  • 4 cups
  • 4 sets Silverware
  • Storage container
  • Workspace 


  • Dimensions closed: 44cm x 30cm x 33cm (lxwxh);
  • Dimensions opened: 100cm x 60cm x 60cm (lxwxh);
  • Material: Stainless steel;
  • Weight: 12kg;
  • Warranty: 1 year

Chuckbox M

The Chuckbox Medium now has three drawers. These drawers in the Chuckbox Medium ensure that there is an overview and that everything is easily and quickly within reach.

The Medium Chuckbox also has the larger pots and pans and has folded out a worktop at table height and the surface has also been further enlarged. Prefer a more compact Chuckbox? Then choose the Dare To Be Different Chuckbox Small.

With its size of 50cm x 34cm x 35cm and its weight of 21.5kg it is easy to handle the Chuckbox.

Our Chuckbox is provided with one handle on the top, two handles on the sides it makes it easy to carry, but also easy to move with two persons.


  • Foldable sink
  • Water boiler
  • 2 Burners
  • Windscreen
  • 2 Pans(22cm and 24cm)
  • Frying Pan 26cm
  • 2 seasoning pots powder
  • Spoon
  • Wooden Spade
  • Kitchenknife
  • Cutting Board
  • Multi function scissor
  • Meat clamp
  • 4 diner plates
  • 4 lunch plates
  • 4 small cups
  • 4 cups
  • Silverware (4 persons)
  • Campingtable


  • Dimensions
    • Closed:      50cmx 36,5cm x 35cm, b x h x d
    • Opened: 118cm x 68cm x 69cm, b x h x d
  • Material: Stainless Steel;
  • Weight: 21kg;
  • Warranty: 1 year

Chuckbox XL

The chuckbox XL is the extension of the chuckbox S. The chuckbox S is extended with the chuckbox XL and this results in more free storage space, more workspace and a full camping table.

The XL consists of two units the table and the kitchen.

The extra free space consists of two drawers and a storage compartment. One of these drawers has a variable compartment that can be used as an extra cutlery drawer. The other drawer is completely free to use because of the free height of 6cm above the drawer so you can also put glasses or pans that you already have there. The storage compartment behind the burner has a lid so you can store things in it. Like extra cups, glasses or stock.

The 7kW burner is ideal to use for woks or a grill plate so you can also perfectly grill on it.

The camping table is a table as usual with its dimensions of 137cm x 81.5cm and a height of 75cm you can sit at it with at least 4 people. Because of its height it can be used to eat or play a game.

The chuckbox S is stored in the chuckbox XL and can be used as usual, only the lid has to be removed.


  • 1 piece 7Kw Burner
  • Drawer 1 with dividers
  • Drawer 2 free space
  • Storage behind burner


  • Chuckbox S


  • Dimensions Closed: 84cm x 37 cm x 41,5 cm, L x W x H;
  • Dimensions unfolded:
    • Table:      103cm x 81,5 cm x 75cm (L x W x H)
    • Kitchen: 137cm x 34cm x 75cm (L x W x H);
  • Material: Stainless Steel;
  • Weight: 22kg (Excluding Chuckbox S;
  • Gewicht: 34kg (included Chuckbox S;
  • Warranty: 1 year

Chuckbox S, Chuckbox M, Chuckbox XL, Chuckbox XL + Chuckbox S


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